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IKP AB is a company that sells card- and keykeepers. The product is called YoYo and it can be used for most kinds of cards. Creditcards, callingcards etc. all work equally well in all the different kinds of YoYos that are being manufactured and sold throughout the world through IKP AB.

The YoYo is made of plastic and has an elastic string that automatically pulls back the card after use. Keys and cards, that often work both as identification and as an electronic key to open doors, become more easily accessible with a YoYo.

The YoYo comes in ten base colours, but is also available in all rainbow colours, if for example you for example would like to have the YoYo in Your company's logotype color.

The YoYo comes in three shapes; round, square and heart-shaped. We can however make a unique design of the YoYo for Your company if you wish.

The YoYo is available in different shapes, with metal or plastic clips and there is also a holder for which You don't need a hole in the card. Instead there is a clip that holds the card to avoid cracking.

We offer prints in different colours on all our YoYos.
More information in our catalog, feel free to contact our office in Karlstad by phone, fax or e-mail.

Mikael Klausner
Box 5196
Tel. +46 706-21 25 90
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