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YoYo without metal clip:

  Article no: 700-1
Article no: 1156-2
Article no: 1156-1

YoYo with metal clip:

  Article no: 700-3
Article no: 890-3
Article no: 700-5

Heartshaped YoYo:

  Article no: 987-1
  Article no: 987-3

Cardkeepers for cards
without holes:

  Article no: 1156-15
Article no: 700-15
Article no: 890-15


  Article no: 1414, metal clips 7 och 01
  Article no: 1424-02, 1424-01, 1504


  These are the ten base colours.
You can however get Your article in whatever colour You would like, when you order minimun 1000pcs/art.

The numbers of the colours are:

UN 0001 -> white
UN 5029 -> blue
UN 1245 -> yellowl
UN 3036 -> red
UN 6206 -> green
UN 0051 -> black
UN 5039 -> dark blue
UN 3135 -> pink
UN 5109 -> violet
UN 6689 -> turqoise


  Print your company's logotype or some other messages - in one or many colours. Just send a reproducable material (i.e. logo or similar) along with your order, and we will adjust it for the article to be printed on. We will of course help you with pre-press if needed. Click on the image above in order to see examples in a larger size.